Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - My thoughts

I believe this practice can offer every thinking person with an effective answer to the many problems of modern life by combining profound and age-old truths with a way of life acceptable to the modern mind.  One interpretation of yoga is to unite.  In our yoga practice, we aim to unite all aspects of ourselves into a harmonious whole person that takes us nearer to our full potential.  We practice in a system of flowing with the body, rather than pushing or telling the body what to do in a linear fashion.  If uncertainty arises, we come back to the breath, reconnect with the bandhas.  We root and ground with mula bandha, lift and extend with uddiyana bandha, connect the breath with the mind with jalahandhara bandha and the body will find its steadiness again.  We focus our gaze on one point and draw our awareness internally.  This keeps the practice simple and postures emerge from an inner movement without the need to perform postures externally.  As we learn to let go and release the outer tension from the body, we begin to awaken an inner consciousness.  By opening up our awareness to this inner consciousness, we begin to understand the limitless freedom and spaciousness that lies in all of us.   When awareness is freed from a point of understanding beyond the realms of the material world, of birth and death, we reach our spiritual soul.  Our awareness connects with the source of universal energy and light.