My Philosophy

I believe that yoga guides us to the truth that we look for and this truth is in our hearts and all anyone ever needs to know is right there inside themselves. I am inspired by this practice which leads to purpose and transformation.

My Teaching Style

I teach dynamic classes which can be modified for all levels. Influenced by the teachings of Larry Schultz and the It's Yoga system, I adhere to the principles of Ashtanga Yoga - exploring postures using breath, bandhas (energetic locks within the subtle anatomy of the body) and dristhis (our gaze, direction and focus). My classes emphasize the present-moment experience of each student, rather than the goal of a posture. This gives the student the opportunity to progress at their own pace, breath by breath, pose by pose. At some point during the practice, you will surprise yourself as you reach the true nature of your inner strength and power.

Training and Influences

  • June 2020 - Present - Power Yoga with Bryan Kest (Online Training)
  • September 2019 - September 2020 Yoga of the Mat (Mindfulness and Meditation), Marie Russell (It's Yoga International)
  • September 2019, Yin Yoga, Mel McLaughlin (Yoga Alliance 50 hours) 
  • September 2018,  Yin Yoga, Rise Spirit Soul (Yoga Alliance 40 hours)
  • February 2017, Rocket Express, Its Yoga International (Yoga Alliance 30 hours)
  • November 2016, Rocket Take Off, Its Yoga International (Yoga Alliance 100 hours)
  • October 2015, Rocket Vinyasa , It's Yoga International  (Yoga Alliance 50 hours)
  • March 2015,  Mastering the It's Yoga System, It's Yoga International (Yoga Alliance 100 hours)   
  • December 2014, Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapy Ireland
  • November 2014, Yoga for Sports, Yoga Therapy Ireland
  • November 2012 , Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training, It's Yoga International (Yoga Alliance 200 hours) 
  • May 2010, Post Graduate Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy Ireland
  • August 2009, Kids Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • July 2008, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy and Training Centre

Sometimes a teacher, but always a student, I continue to attend classes and workshops.